Engaging to Maximize Green Investment Returns


A $10 billion financial services firm made a significant investment in greening its new corporate headquarters and the project was on track to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. However they did not have a strategy for occupying their new headquarters in a sustainable fashion.

Our Role
  • Guided senior leadership to engage with employees to facilitate the self-selection of sustainable workplace behaviors
  • Identified significant value creation opportunities and potential barriers to realization
  • Developed a multiphased employee engagement program covering pre- and post-occupancy periods
  • Green Edge’s employee engagement program was enthusiastically embraced and unanimously adopted
  • Significant increase in the self-selection of sustainable workplace behaviors has been observed
  • Increased employee comfort and satisfaction has been reported to senior management
  •  A competitive advantage for recruiting and retaining employees has been established

I am grateful for your guidance on the importance of engaging with our employees so that everyone in our organization, including me, self-selects sustainable workplace behaviors. As a result of Green Edge’s work, we will see dividends in the form of enhanced employee morale and productivity.

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