Greening a Global Supply Chain


Our client, a multinational financial services firm, had a firm-wide mandate to green its operations, but had not yet tackled the greening of its supply chain. Green Edge jump-started the process with a focus on interdepartmental collaboration.

Our Role
  • Green Edge Competitive Industry Analysis identified global best practices across industry lines
  • Green Engagement Edge process facilitated interdepartmental solutions with widespread buy-in
  • Green Edge Road Map set forth easy-to-follow strategies for implementation, monitoring and reporting financial and environmental results
  • Identified opportunities to reduce life cycle costs and transform vendor relationships
  • Increased interdepartmental collaboration and reduced inefficiencies
  • Created a source of competitive advantage

While we believe ourselves to be knowledgeable about all things sustainable, Ellen Sinreich and Green Edge have been uniquely successful in challenging us to think about our business in nontraditional ways. Ellen’s experience with similar clients was invaluable in having us look for innovative approaches to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to do so as well. We look forward to identifying additional opportunities to work together so we can continue to leverage her experience.
— Vice President, Project Manager

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