Greening the Built Environment


When the new CEO of a publishing, insurance and financial services conglomerate inherited a major renovation project for her firm’s new corporate headquarters, the company asked Green Edge to evaluate whether green building strategies would make sense at their new location. Although the organization had a board mandate to reduce its carbon footprint, the major mechanical systems and overall design of this $100 million dollar project had been completed without a sustainability focus.

Our Role
  • Advised the client and the development team on appropriate and achievable green building strategies
  • Ensured a consistent focus on resource efficiencies and indoor environmental quality throughout the design and construction stages of the project
  • Qualified the project for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and incentives from the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • LEED Gold certification is anticipated and design credits are currently under review
  • Over $100,000 of NYSERDA incentives have been set aside for this project pending completion of construction
  • The net present value of the projected energy savings over the 20-year expected life of the project is over $475,000
  • The incremental hard and soft costs of all sustainability-related items is less than 1% of the overall construction budget

As a result of Green Edge’s involvement, we anticipate that our headquarters renovation will receive LEED Gold certification and that we will enjoy a resource-efficient and healthy, comfortable indoor environment. I couldn’t be more delighted and have every confidence that we will see concrete financial benefits.

Unlike past moves into new space where I have been tortured by allergic reactions to carpets, paints and other irritants, I have not had any issue with my allergies in the new space and am grateful to Green Edge for this amazing new office environment.
— Vice President

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