Marketing Innovative Green Products


Our client, a Fortune 500 company, created an innovative green building-related product that failed to achieve market penetration. Seeking to harness Green Edge’s talents, connections and expertise, they asked Green Edge to help them with their goals of achieving widespread product recognition and adoption of their product as the best solution in the market.

Our Role
  • Diagnosed the barriers to widespread market acceptance and pinpointed necessary product enhancements
  • Identified target audiences, pollinators, influencers and end users
  • Determined the most effective avenues, means and methods of communication
  • Established an effective mix of communication tools
  • Developed alternative implementation options and budgets
  • Our client gained a market-driven understanding of how to enhance its existing product and gain widespread market acceptance
  • Senior leadership was able to evaluate the ROI of allocating resources to marketing the product
  • Potential marketing partners with aligned interests and resources were identified

Shortly we’ll be featured on three new strategic partner sites and we have several press releases happening in the next 60 days. Every little bit of exposure helps and gets us a LOT of attention with upper management. Thanks!
— Vice President, National Director

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