Pen Guy and “Mercedes Pens” Divert 10,000 Pens from Landfill

by Moss Amer on July 15, 2011

Green Edge recently diverted a large cache of disposable pens from the landfill when it committed to send its depleted pens to the self-declared “pen guy,” a graphic designer turned conservationist. According to Green Seal, Americans discard about 1.6 million pens annually. Despite this staggering statistic, few solutions exist for disposing so-called disposable pens in an environmentally friendly manner. When possible, Green Edge recommends purchasing biodegradable and recyclable pens, which are becoming increasingly common, or refillable pens, which have been in use for decades. When disposables are unavoidable, feel free to send your pens to the pen guy at P.O. Box 994 Forestville, CA 95436. The pen guy has collected over 10,000 pens, which he uses to decorate his “Mercedes Pens” art car. He promotes and educates about pen reuse and recycling recreationally. With the ambitious goal of collecting over one million pens, he is sure to put a dent in the hundreds of thousands of pens sent to landfills each year.

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