Green Edge Newsletter

The Green Edge Newsletter is another way we reach out to you — our clients, colleagues, friends, and the world — to encourage, motivate and facilitate the greening of organizations and the built environment.

Over the past year we have explored the good, bad and ugly of greening the built environment; how organizations can unleash the human capital of green; what Angry Birds and climate change mitigation have in common; the billions of dollars of value available to companies that reduce their carbon footprint; and the future of energy policy in the U.S.

In future issues we will continue to share our perspective on how green building opportunities and strategies are being deployed and financed; embraced and ignored; and regulated and incentivized. We will also cover how companies are branding, communicating and marketing green initiatives and the legal and policy issues that are arising as a result of climate change and sustainability.

If you’d like your company to be featured in one of the next issues of the Green Edge Newsletter, we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking for great green stories to share with our community of clients, colleagues and friends.

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