Green Edge Benefits

Green Edge will help you develop and leverage your Green Edge Advantage and your Green Engagement Edge. Here are examples of some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy as a result.

Increase Revenues

Clorox’s $100 million* Green Works Is proof that success will go to brands that perform well and are environmentally friendly. Source: • *2008 projected income

Grow Market Share

Seventh Generation averaged 30% growth annually for 10 years versus traditional consumer brands, which averaged 2%.
Source: Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder •

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Knowing a company is mindful of its impact on the environment makes consumers more likely to buy its products and increases loyalty in more than 50% of the population. Source: LOHAS Consumer Trends Database •

Strengthen Share Price

In 16 of 18 industries, sustainability-focused companies outperformed peers by 15% in the financial markets. Source: Green Winners •

Improve Global Rankings

Sustainability rankings are rapidly gaining traction as tools for evaluating business success. In a 2009 cover story, Newsweek announced its first annual green ranking. Source:

Differentiate Your Company

Building sustainable consumer-facing brands can provide real competitive advantage in increasingly commoditized markets. Source: Mapchange 2010 •

Build Brand Reputation

Being seen as green has a halo effect with consumers on both the reputation of the company and the brands it markets. Source: Image Power Green Brands Survey, September 2009 •

Attract Capital

In the last 15 years, socially screened funds have increased in number from 55 to 260 with assets growing by 475%, from $12 billion to $202 billion. Source: Responsible Investing Trends •

Attract Media Attention

Office Depot’s LEED Gold store in Austin delivered daily press coverage for over a year in the consumer and trade media as well as business titles including Forbes, Barrons and Bloomberg. Source: James Cornwell, Office Depot •

Retain Top Talent

78% of 198 multinational companies surveyed describe sustainability as very or extremely important in employee recruiting and retention. Source: Green Recruiting Helps Bring in Top Talent •