Green Edge Solutions

The following Green Edge Solutions describe services we’ve provided to clients. They can be tailored to meet your needs, budget, and schedule. Incorporating a multitude of disciplines and enriched by our vast Green Edge Network of Preferred Providers, these Solutions are examples of what we can do for you.

Competitive Industry Analysis

We’ve prepared a Competitive Industry Analysis for clients ranging from financial services firms to industrial manufacturers. This in-depth comparison of the carbon footprint reduction strategies and green product innovations of key industry competitors is a window to best practices across industry lines. Our clients use it at multiple points along their sustainability journeys to gain new insights as sustainability goals and achievements mature.

Engaging to Maximize Returns

Green Edge’s proprietary Green Engagement Edge services enabled a mission-driven client to maximize the financial and environmental returns on its investment in green building infrastructure. We helped this client facilitate the self-selection of sustainable workplace behaviors on the part of its employees after moving into their new, soon-to-be LEED certified headquarters.   

Green Lease Toolkits

Our Green Lease Toolkits have been the basis for greening tenant occupied retail and office properties in numerous locations throughout the United States. Clients ranging from a million square foot institution in the New York metropolitan area to a southwest real estate company have used our Green Lease Toolkits to create resource-efficient, healthy buildings with financial underpinnings that work for both landlord and tenants.  

Sustainable Brand Strategy

Carbon footprint reduction is half the story. The other half is getting the word out. Green Edge worked with a Fortune 500 company that wanted to achieve widespread market adoption of an innovative green product. We pinpointed necessary product enhancements and developed a branding campaign and marketing strategy designed to achieve their sales goals.     

Sustainable Sourcing

Green Edge led a multinational financial services firm in an interdepartmental effort to green their procurement process. Informed by our Competitive Industry Analysis, Green Engagement Edge services facilitated interdepartmental collaboration on sustainability solutions. A customized Green Edge Workshop resulted in a strategic action plan to elicit vendor involvement in achieving sustainability goals.  

Allocating Green Costs and Benefits

A municipal government turned to Green Edge to structure an appropriate allocation of costs and benefits among disparate stakeholders and gain their support for the expansion of its green building financing program from the local single family residential sector to regional multifamily and commercial properties.